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We’ve Merged to Form StoneEagle F&I
A Letter to Our Clients

Faster sales, real-time business intelligence, and the best in product administration. Everything you need to grow profits and maximize dealer revenue.


Full Lifecycle F&I Product Administration

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Powerful and User Friendly F&I Menu

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Flexible F&I Product Administration

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Real-time F&I Performance Reporting

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Agent and Provider Reporting and Insights

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Metrics Service

Service Drive Reporting and Analytics

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Who We Are

StoneEagle F&I is the leading provider of technological solutions for the administration and reporting of automotive F&I products. Our systems will support every product sold in the F&I office. Part of what differentiates us as an organization is our continual commitment to support our customers’ needs not only during the implementation process but also for the months and years after they have gone live on our platform.

We know that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, F&I product providers need to increase sales while reducing overhead and improving productivity. As an innovative organization, we strive to provide the most advanced, efficient, and intuitive technological solutions within the automotive F&I industry to support the growth of our clients and to address their ever-changing business needs.

Our comprehensive and integrated F&I platform addresses the specific needs of every role within the lifecycle of an F&I product. For product providers, through pureFI, our solution supports product configurations, tracks dealers and agents, connects with 70+ menu systems, processes contracts and claims and helps manage cash flow and risk. With clearFI, we turn dealer and administration data into actionable intelligence that is tailored uniquely for agents, dealers and providers. Our platform does this all within a highly secure and sophisticated web based environment.

No matter whether you are a provider, agent or dealer, our goal is the same; we will help you grow your business, manage your costs and always keep you at the forefront of what this industry has to offer.


Why StoneEagle F&I?

SSAE 16 Compliant

We have the privilege of calling many of the leading F&I product providers our customers. We work with companies of all sizes, large and small, and we are proud of the work we have done with each and every one of them. We pride ourselves on our customer service and that is a credit in large part to the people who work at StoneEagle F&I. Our people are experienced, thoughtful, innovative, and they deeply care about what they do.

By any measure, SEFI delivers the most comprehensive, most reliable and the most innovative F&I product administration and reporting solutions in the marketplace. We currently support 70+ administrator customers and process 6+ million new contracts per year. With that said, we do not define our experience by numbers alone, but rather we prefer to focus on the people and the companies we help on a daily basis. That is what drives us and what makes SEFI the company it is today.

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