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The Complete Administration Solution

Built on a highly scalable platform and using the latest Microsoft technology, pureFI manages all aspects of F&I product administration. Our system will support every product sold in the F&I office.

Full Lifecycle F&I Product Administration

Manage and build products through a comprehensive and flexible class guide and rating engine that the business team can complete and manage without technology involvement. Products can be customized down to the dealership level.

Manage dealers, agents and other sellers with many flexible features including sales authority, custom rates and commissions.

We provide a dealer portal (DAP) with DMS integration with all major DMS providers that will be branded as yours that dealers can use to get quotes, manage markups, submit and lookup contracts, complete remittances, submit and lookup claims, submit claims documents and more. In addition, we are electronically connected to 70+ menu systems for eRating and eContracting (see our Partners page for details).

Electronically manage contracts through their life cycle. A full cash module also allows you to manage dealer and agent receivables and debts – all of it fully integrated with your accounting system. Our online electronic document management system allows you to electronically store all necessary documents throughout the system including dealers, agents, contracts and claims.

The streamlined claims processing module allows claims adjusters to work efficiently while communicating with the repair shop. The claims module is designed to support specific products including VSC, GAP, Prepaid Maintenance and more. We integrate with over a dozen inspection company partners. Our electronic document management system allows you to create customized outgoing documents and store all incoming documents directly from the claims screen. Our electronic integration with WEX allows you to make credit card payments for claims directly within pureFI.

The flexible earnings curve configuration allows for customized profitability calculations as part of a comprehensive reporting suite that enables you to know how you are performing at any time.

Automotive, RV, Powersports

Every Product in the F&I Office:

  • Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  • Prepaid Maintenance
  • Appearance Protection
  • Dent Protection
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Lease Wear & Tear
  • Limited Warranty
  • Etch
  • Windshield
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Key Replacement
  • Theft Protection
  • Identity Theft
  • And many more!

Maximize Productivity, Reduce Costs

  • Real time electronic connectivity to +70 menu systems
  • Get new products to market within days
  • Setup robust reinsurance rules and reliable cession statement production with contract & claim level detail
  • White labeled dealer sales and self-service portal for contracting, cancellations, claims submission and more
  • Electronic statement and remittance that allows dealers to net remit credits and debits and auto-reconciliation of payments received to remittances submitted
  • Fully automated maintenance claims authorization
  • Integrated inspections, credit card payments, labor guide lookup, parts pricing

Get Better and Faster Business Intelligence

  • Rock solid operational and experience reporting – numbers do not change once month is closed
  • Integrated dashboard authoring to publish to dealers and agents via

Operate 24×7 with Proven Technology

  • Dozens of APIs for contract lookup, rating, contracting, cancellations, remittance submission, SSO, and more
  • Fully US based. Multi-datacenter HA/DR solution with all data stored on private cloud infrastructure
  • SSAE-16 SOC II audit for process and financial controls

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