//F&I Administration Announces SCS Auto Now Integrated with Over 20 Menu Systems

F&I Administration Announces SCS Auto Now Integrated with Over 20 Menu Systems

Menu integration delivers both electronic rating and electronic contracting

Chicago, Illinois – August 14th, 2012 – F&I Administration Solutions (F&I Admin), North America’s leading provider of software solutions for the administration of automotive F&I products is pleased to announce that SCS Auto is now integrated with over 20 menu systems for electronic rating and electronic contracting. All rating data and all forms are sourced directly from the F&I Admin administration system – SCS Auto – so there is no additional effort for a provider on SCS Auto to support the menu integration.

“Over two years ago we built an open, standard interface to connect electronically with menus and other dealer sales systems for both electronic rating and electronic contracting.” said Kumar Kathinokkula, COO of F&I Admin. “Since then, the adoption by both the menu systems and dealers has been unprecedented.”

The SCS Auto interface to menu systems eliminates any need for a provider to maintain any data outside the administration system. This is because all connected systems, including the administration system, access the same database for rates and contracts. This means that no additional maintenance or effort is required on the part of a provider to support each additional menu. In addition, all transactions are recorded in the same system so when a dealer enters a contract through a menu, it is immediately visible from within the administration system and is also immediately available to the dealer for electronic remittance and reporting.

“We are very pleased with the way menu systems have embraced the connectivity, and we are especially pleased with the way it is helping our provider customers sell more products,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Admin. “When an agent selling one of our customers’ products enters a dealership knowing that the product is supported on just about any selling system the dealership may be using, it significantly adds to the confidence in the process. At the same time, it allows the agent to focus on products and not technology.”

SCS Auto is a fully integrated, web-based solution that is built for automotive aftermarket product and service providers to automate and streamline the F&I product administration process. SCS Auto is specifically designed to support vehicle service contracts, GAP, tire & wheel, appearance protection, limited warranty, theft, key replacement, prepaid maintenance and much more. In addition to connectivity to over 20 menu systems, SCS Auto is also broadly connected to many other service providers in the industry, including parts databases, payment plan providers and a state-of-the-art credit card provider for the efficient payment of claims.

“This is yet another step in our commitment to connect to all possible partners in the industry to create efficiencies and savings for all parties involved.” Concluded Trinder.

A full list of menu and other dealer selling solutions that are electronically connected to SCS Auto can be found under the “Partners” tab at www.fiadmin.com.

About F&I Administration Solutions, LLC

F&I Administration Solutions, LLC is the leading provider of software for the administration of automotive F&I products such as vehicle service contracts, GAP, prepaid maintenance, tire & wheel, theft, appearance protection, paintless dent repair and more. Built specifically for automotive F&I product and service providers, the SCS Auto platform is a fully integrated, web-based solution that automates and streamlines the F&I product administration process. The hosted service is designed to allow provider administration staff to access a full suite of services that support product, contract, channel, claims and risk management functions, 24/7 via an intuitive graphical user interface. In addition to the administration functions, the system provides a dealer portal (branded as the customers’ web site) from where a F&I Manager can get quotes, submit and print contracts, complete electronic remittance, see reports and enter claims.

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