//F&I Administration Announces SCS Auto Integration With Wright Express

F&I Administration Announces SCS Auto Integration With Wright Express

SCS Auto fully integrated with credit card system for easy claim payment and reconciliation

Chicago, Illinois, November 17th, 2009 – F&I Administration Solutions, North America’s leading provider of software solutions for the administration of automotive F&I products, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Wright Express Corporation to integrate their two leading products: SCS Auto and the Wright Express corporate branded MasterCard®.

The benefit of this integration is that administrators of service contracts and other products who use the SCS Auto platform will be able to automatically issue, fund and reconcile credit card payments without ever leaving the SCS Auto platform.

“Most credit card solutions involve only one credit card and the transactions are not directly tied into the administration system. The result is that providers have major challenges with the management and reconciliation of these payments. With this partnership, not only will the system automatically generate a unique credit card number for each payment but there will be strong security around the amount that can be charged, who it can be charged to and what each charge is for,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Administration Solutions. “In addition, the unique card number for each payment means that the reconciliation process is simple, quick and accurate.”

“We are pleased that F&I Administration Solutions chose Wright Express as its strategic partner to integrate its two leading products,” said David D. Maxsimic, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Wright Express. “The Wright Express solution addresses many issues within the current process and every SCS customer we have presented this to has shown great interest. This solution is secure and efficient, and providers can easily see the benefits to their processes and controls. The competitive rebate that is available to providers is also a strong motivating factor.”

“The demand has been so strong that we will deliver it with the next software release in early 2010,” continued Trinder. “We are particularly pleased to again show the power and benefits that come from connecting to all partners within the industry” For more information on this and other SCS Auto solutions, go to www.fiadmin.com.

About F&I Administration Solutions, LLC

F&I Administration Solutions, LLC is the leading provider of software for the administration of automotive F&I products such as vehicle service contracts, GAP, prepaid maintenance, appearance protection, paintless dent repair and more. Built specifically for automotive F&I product and service providers, the SCS Auto platform is a fully integrated, web-based solution that automates and streamlines the F&I product administration process. Services include product configuration and design, channel (dealer and agent) management, contract management, claims management and risk management. In addition to the administration functions, the system provides a powerful reporting module that enables administrators to track payments, perform precise analyses and identify any program inefficiencies. Additional information can be found at www.fiadmin.com.

About Wright Express

Wright Express is a leading global provider of payment processing and information management services. Wright Express captures and combines transaction information from its proprietary network with specialized analytical tools and purchasing control capabilities in a suite of solutions that enable fleets to manage their vehicles more effectively. The Company’s charge cards are used by commercial and government fleets to purchase fuel and maintenance services for approximately 4.6 million vehicles. Wright Express markets its services directly to fleets and as an outsourcing partner for its strategic relationships and franchisees. The Company’s business portfolio includes a MasterCard-branded corporate card as well as TelaPoint, a provider of supply chain software solutions for petroleum distributors and retailers, and Pacific Pride, an independent fuel distributor franchisee network, as well as international subsidiaries. For more information about Wright Express, please visit www.wrightexpress.com.

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