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Delivering the next generation of F&I product administration solutions that accelerate workflow and help customers build their businesses.

The SCS Auto product suite enables automotive F&I product providers to manage various products including: vehicle service contracts, GAP, prepaid maintenance, appearance protection, etch and more. By managing all products on one system, it is easy to keep a keen eye on the performance and profitability of both individual products and the business as a whole.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to increase sales while reducing overhead. F&I Admin provides the only fully integrated F&I platform that will allow you to grow your business and add new products without adding additional resources. The SCS Auto suite enables you to build new products, manage your dealers and agents, process contracts and claims – managing your costs and profitability at the same time. Our proprietary online solution gives you the features and functionality you need, with no technology risk and security you can trust.

We make it easy to manage the process so that you can focus on managing your business.

Drive your business forward.

SAVE on operating costs
BUILD new products quickly and easily
SCALE your business efficiently
MANAGE all products within one system
CONSOLIDATE your billing
ELIMINATE technology challenges
DO MORE with fewer resources